Line-of-Duty Death Assistance Process

The 100 Club assists dependents of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have been killed or seriously injured in the line of duty.

The process for receiving assistance is as follows:

The 100 Club must receive written notification confirming

that a line-of-duty death has occurred from the chief executive officer of the involved agency that the deceased officer or firefighter has dependents. If the deceased does not have dependents, financial assistance in the amount of $20,000 is provided to the executor of the officer or firefighter’s estate.

Upon written notification of the Line-of-duty death

The 100 Club presents the surviving spouse with a letter expressing condolences from the Board and $20,000 to assist with any immediate financial needs. This presentation usually takes place within 24 hours of our notification.

Benefits Committee

When the time is appropriate, 100 Club representatives will contact the surviving spouse to make arrangements to meet and discuss the surviving dependents financial situation. The results of that meeting will be shared with the full Benefits Committee, who will make an assistance recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval.

The 100 Club’s gift

After approval by the Board, the dependents will be presented financial help from The 100 Club.

Assistance for Serious Injuries

Law enforcement officers or firefighters who are seriously injured in the line of duty and have been unable to work for a minimum of 30 days are eligible to request financial assistance from The 100 Club. A detailed request must be submitted in writing, and must include approval of the chief executive of the officer’s or firefighter’s agency.
For more information, please contact The 100 Club 713-952-0100.

Request Life-Protecting Equipment

Please contact The 100 Club office for details on requesting life-protecting equipment.

All agencies that are recipients of equipment purchased by The 100 Club are required to place 100 Club bumper decals on all marked agency vehicles and to coordinate a presentation of the equipment for news media coverage. We also provide 100 Club decals to be placed on all equipment purchased for law enforcement.


Nominations For the Annual Heroes Awards Banquet

The 100 Club honors outstanding officers, firefighters and service animals in our core 18-county coverage area at our Annual Heroes Awards Program, which is held each year.


Any law enforcement officer may be nominated for a 100 Club Officer of the Year award by any law enforcement officer in our core 18-county coverage area.

Nominations for officers may be made for the following categories (examples below):


Any firefighter may be nominated for a 100 Club Firefighter of the Year award by any firefighter in our core 18-county coverage area.

Nominations for firefighters may be made for the following award categories (examples below):


Service animals can now be nominated for The 100 Club Service Animal of the Year award by any law enforcement officer or firefighter within our core 18-county coverage area.

Service Animal of the Year award recipients will be recognized in two separate categories for law enforcement agencies or fire departments.


Nominations must be submitted on a nomination form, which may be obtained by clicking here or from the agency chief’s office or by contacting The 100 Club.

Nominations may be made for exceptional achievement in any police, firefighting or service animal endeavor, including, but not limited to: extraordinary valor, crime prevention, investigative activity, community relations, juvenile programs, drug prevention and control, training programs, traffic safety, and innovative approaches to public service.



  • Nominations for the award will be accepted in The 100 Club’s office from January 1 through December 31 of each year.
  • While we accept nominations all year around, if you want your nominee to be considered for the 69th banquet in 2023, please ensure you’ve submitted the nomination form by January 13, 2023.
  • After nominations are received by The 100 Club office (located at 6919 Portwest Dr Ste 150, Houston TX 77024-8050), the Law Enforcement Selection Committee and the Firefighter Selection Committee will begin the selection process.
  • After the Committee’s work is completed each year, agency heads will be notified of the results.
  • Award recipients will be honored at The 100 Club Annual Heroes Awards Banquet each year. Each agency will be notified, in writing, with regard to the specifics of the Annual Heroes Awards Banquet, such as the date, location, time, etc.

Scholarship Program Information

The 100 Club is currently not accepting any new students into our scholarship program.